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Window Cleaner in Bracknell

Choose APT Window Cleaning for unmatched service in Bracknell. With years of experience, we take pride in brightening your business space with sparkling clean windows. As dedicated and reliable professionals, we are committed to excellence, utilising our extensive industry knowledge to ensure your business premises shine with cleanliness. Equipped with top notch tools for operational efficiency, we offer highly competitive costs without compromising on quality.


Safely reaching windows up to 65 feet (6 stories) from the ground, our experienced team prioritises safety compliance and maintains full insurance coverage for your peace of mind. Your commercial property in Bracknell receives meticulous care and respect with every cleaning session by APT Window Cleaning. We pride ourselves on being your go to window cleaner, offering outstanding solutions tailored to your specific needs. What sets APT Window Cleaning apart is our unwavering dedication to excellence.


As experienced professionals, we only use the best equipment available to ensure a superior and lasting clean. Whether you opt for a one off clean or regular services, our team understands the unique demands of your business. For added convenience, APT Window Cleaning offers out of hours services designed to minimise disruptions to your daily operations. Choose experience, choose expertise, choose APT Window Cleaning - your trusted window cleaner in Bracknell.


Commercial Window Cleaner in Bracknell

Maintaining a clean and well presented commercial environment is crucial for businesses in Bracknell and hiring professional window cleaning services can be particularly important for several reasons:


Professional Image:


For businesses, especially those with corporate headquarters and offices in Bracknell, maintaining a professional image is essential. Clean and sparkling windows contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic appeal of a commercial property, creating a positive impression on clients, customers and business partners. Reliable window cleaning services ensure that your windows consistently showcase a professional and polished appearance.


First Impressions:


The appearance of a building's exterior, including its windows, forms the first impression that visitors and clients have of a business. Regular window cleaning ensures that the exterior reflects a commitment to cleanliness and attention to detail, helping create a positive initial perception. Trustworthy window cleaning professionals, like APT, can help businesses make a lasting first impression.


Enhanced Visibility:


Clear and clean windows maximise natural light penetration into commercial spaces, creating a brighter and more pleasant working environment. This not only improves the mood and productivity of employees but also positively impacts the overall atmosphere within the building. Professional window cleaning services can help ensure that your windows remain transparent, allowing optimal light to filter through.


Property Maintenance:


Regular window cleaning is a crucial aspect of property maintenance. Over time, windows can accumulate dirt, grime and environmental pollutants that, if not addressed, may cause long term damage to the glass surface. Professional window cleaning services help preserve the integrity and longevity of the windows, contributing to overall property maintenance.


Health and Safety:


Commercial buildings may have windows that are challenging to access or located at significant heights. Hiring professional window cleaning services ensures that the job is done safely and adheres to health and safety standards, preventing potential accidents or injuries. Experienced professionals are equipped to handle various types of commercial window configurations, ensuring a safe and thorough cleaning process.




In certain industries or sectors, businesses are required to adhere to specific cleanliness and maintenance standards. Regular window cleaning may be necessary to comply with regulatory requirements and ensure that the business meets industry standards. Professional window cleaning services can help businesses stay compliant with these standards.


Preventing Permanent Stains:


Over time, mineral deposits, hard water stains  and environmental pollutants can cause permanent damage to windows if not addressed promptly. Regular window cleaning helps prevent the accumulation of such stains, preserving the appearance and transparency of the glass. Trusted professionals employ effective techniques and solutions to prevent and remove stubborn stains.


Investment Protection:


The cost of professional window cleaning is a tiny investment compared to the potential costs of replacing or repairing damaged windows. Regular maintenance helps protect the property's value and saves money in the long run. Hiring reliable and experienced professionals is a proactive measure to safeguard your investment in the property.


Window Cleaning in Bracknell

As your dedicated window cleaning partner in Bracknell, APT Window Cleaning goes beyond just providing a service - we are genuinely passionate about window cleaning, and this passion forms the core of our values. It drives our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the commercial window cleaning industry. Using the latest and safest equipment, we specialise in delivering exceptional window cleaning services in Bracknell for a variety of commercial properties. Our comprehensive services include:


School Window Cleaning

Office Block Window Cleaning

Warehouse Window Cleaning

Care Home Window Cleaning

College Window Cleaning

University Window Cleaning

Residential Block Window Cleaning

Apartment Block Window Cleaning

Supermarket Window Cleaning

Hotel Window Cleaning

Business Park Window Cleaning

Leisure Centre Window Cleaning

Sports Venue Window Cleaning

Shopping Centre Window Cleaning


If your specific commercial property is not listed, don't worry. APT Window Cleaning's extensive expertise and unwavering dedication mean we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs. Trust APT Window Cleaning as your reliable partner for ensuring the clarity and brilliance of your commercial windows in Bracknell and beyond. Contact us today for unparalleled window cleaning services, precisely tailored to your specific requirements.



If you would like to receive a site visit and a commercial window cleaning quotation please call or e-mail:

01442 253394   |   07808 658218

If you would like an estimate of price, please provide the address of your commercial property together with any photographs via e-mail. We will then inspect your commercial property online and via photographs to provide you with an approximation of how much your project would likely cost.

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