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Window Cleaner in Hitchin

Explore the excellence of APT Window Cleaning, your top choice for a professional "window cleaner in Hitchin". Our dedicated team specialises in addressing the unique needs of businesses within Hitchin, making us the preferred window cleaner that local businesses depend on. APT Window Cleaning is committed to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and professionalism, within the Hitchin area. Our diverse range of services, covering both regular and one off window cleaning, ensures your commercial property maintains its optimal appearance amid the local charm of Hitchin.


Nestled in the heart of Hertfordshire, Hitchin is renowned for its picturesque market square, medieval architecture and vibrant community spirit. As a Hitchin boasts a unique blend of historic charm and modern vitality. Operating with efficiency and competitiveness, we take pride in being your trusted window cleaner for commercial spaces in Hitchin. Our expertise empowers us to clean windows up to 65 feet (6 stories) from the ground, employing a safe and effective approach tailored to the distinctive characteristics of Hitchin's commercial landscape.


Fully insured and compliant with safety standards, APT Window Cleaning is dedicated to treating your commercial property with the utmost care and respect. Our mission is to provide cost effective commercial window cleaning in Hitchin, ensuring every business within the area receives top quality service at competitive prices – a commitment we are devoted to fulfilling. Whether you require a one off window clean or ongoing services, APT Window Cleaning is prepared to surpass your expectations right here in Hitchin. Additionally, our after hours commercial window cleaning services are designed to minimise disruptions to your business operations within the town. Choose APT Window Cleaning as your reliable window cleaner in Hitchin for convenient and high quality commercial services amidst the historic allure and vibrant atmosphere that Hitchin is known for.


Commercial Window Cleaning in Hitchin

Are you in search of a dependable and skilled commercial "window cleaner in Hitchin" and its surrounding areas? Your search ends here! APT Window Cleaning proudly serves as your dedicated provider for commercial window cleaning services.


Why APT Window Cleaning is your perfect choice window cleaner in Hitchin:


Tailored Solutions:


Your unique requirements take precedence. Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, guaranteeing your satisfaction.


Passionate Professionals:


We're not just experts; we're passionate about our craft. Whether it's a school or a residential block, our devoted service in Hitchin ensures your windows gleam.


Environmentally Conscious Approach:


We use eco friendly cleaning products and solutions, promoting a sustainable and effective cleaning methodology.


Flexible Options:


Providing both traditional window cleaning in Hitchin and utilising the Reach & Wash Systems.


Comprehensive Cleaning:


From frames and sills to doors and challenging to reach windows, our service encompasses all aspects.


Insured and Uniformed:


Rely on our fully insured, uniformed window cleaners in Hitchin to manage your commercial window cleaning requirements.


Explore Our Reach & Wash System:


Our pure water Reach & Wash system enables us to clean windows safely up to 65ft from the ground. Utilising telescopic poles and a soft bristled brush, we eliminate dirt, rinse with pure water, leaving your windows streak free and immaculate. This system adheres to recognised industry standards, ensuring quality and safety.


We cater to various property types, including residential blocks, offices, supermarkets, hospitals, schools and more. Make APT Window Cleaning your top choice for a reliable and professional window cleaner in Hitchin. Reach out to us today for impeccably clean windows that will enhance the appeal of your property.


Why Window Cleaning in Hitchin?

Maintaining a spotless and organised business environment is paramount, particularly for enterprises that regularly host the public. While overall cleanliness is a common focus for many businesses, the significance of impeccably clean commercial windows is often underestimated. Neglecting window maintenance can result in a less than impressive appearance, impacting the overall image of your business. Let's delve into the importance of keeping commercial windows clean in Hitchin.


Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal:


Immaculately clean windows play a pivotal role in elevating the professional appearance of your business premises, whether it's an office, hospital, university or hotel. Overlooking window cleanliness can detract from the overall aesthetic appeal and professionalism of your establishment. Consistently engaging the services of a trusted window cleaner in Hitchin can visibly enhance your company's image.


Making a Positive First Impression:


The initial impression is crucial and the presence of dirty or streaky windows can create a negative one for potential customers, clients and staff. If visitors encounter neglected windows, it might lead them to question the overall cleanliness and attention to detail within your organisation. To prevent potential customers from turning to competitors, it's vital to ensure that your windows are consistently in impeccable condition, thanks to the expertise of a reputable window cleaner.


Highlighting Hygiene Commitment:


In industries where hygiene is paramount, such as food service and healthcare, maintaining clean windows is critical. Dirty windows may convey the message that your organization does not take hygiene seriously, potentially deterring health conscious customers. Demonstrating a commitment to cleanliness through well maintained windows, with the assistance of a professional window cleaner in Hitchin, aligns with customer expectations and industry standards.


In summary, the cleanliness of your commercial windows significantly influences the perception of your business. Prioritising regular window maintenance with the assistance of APT Window Cleaning, not only enhances the professional appearance of your premises but also showcases a dedicated commitment to hygiene. This proactive approach can positively impact your reputation, especially in industries where cleanliness is of utmost importance.


We provide comprehensive window cleaning services for various commercial properties in Hitchin, including:



Office Blocks

Golf Clubs


Care Homes



Residential Blocks

Apartment Blocks



Business Parks

Leisure Centres

Sports Venues

Shopping Centres


If your specific commercial property is not listed, APT Window Cleaning is open to discussing your unique requirements. Feel free to get in touch to explore how we can meet your needs.



If you would like to receive a site visit and a commercial window cleaning quotation please call or e-mail:

01442 253394   |   07808 658218

If you would like an estimate of price, please provide the address of your commercial property together with any photographs via e-mail. We will then inspect your commercial property online and via photographs to provide you with an approximation of how much your project would likely cost.

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