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Window Cleaner in Kettering

Are you looking for a trusted window cleaner in Kettering? Your search ends with APT Window Cleaning! With over 20 years of experience, we are your reliable choice for commercial window cleaning in Kettering. APT Window Cleaning is committed to providing high quality solutions with efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our dedication to excellence ensures competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Equipped with the latest tools, we safely clean commercial windows up to 65 feet (6 stories) from the ground. We specialize in both modern and traditional window cleaning techniques, backed by insurance, safety compliance and meticulous care for your property.


APT Window Cleaning stands out by offering direct service without subcontracting. Every window is personally cleaned by us. Choosing us means opting for a devoted team committed to achieving window cleaning excellence at highly competitive costs. For reliable, experienced and top quality window cleaning services in Kettering, make the right choice - choose APT Window Cleaning for crystal clear, spotless windows that enhance the appeal of your business.


Regular Commercial Window Cleaning in Kettering

Discover unparalleled professional window cleaning services in Kettering with APT Window Cleaning! Tailored to meet your commercial needs, our specialized services make APT Window Cleaning the top choice for businesses in Kettering. We understand the challenges of busy sites, which is why we offer flexible options, including out of hours, weekends and even bank holiday window cleaning services to minimize disruptions. Your satisfaction is our main focus. We are committed to delivering reliable and high quality window cleaning services that seamlessly integrate into your schedule.


Trust APT Window Cleaning as your preferred commercial window cleaner for various commercial settings in Kettering, including: Schools, Office Blocks, Distribution Centres, Care Homes, Colleges, Universities, Residential Blocks, Supermarkets, Hotels, Leisure Centres, Golf Clubs and Shopping Centres


Regardless of the type of commercial or public sector building in Kettering, APT Window Cleaning has the expertise to clean its windows effectively. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements and let us ensure the cleanliness and clarity of your windows in a way that suits your business operations. Choose APT Window Cleaning for exceptional window cleaning services in Kettering and experience the expertise of a reliable and dedicated window cleaner in Kettering.


Window Cleaning in Kettering

Select APT Window Cleaning for premier window cleaning services in Kettering! We employ cutting edge equipment and adaptable techniques. For interior windows, we skillfully utilise traditional tools such as hand tools, poles and specialised high reach equipment. Externally, our dedication lies in employing state of the art water fed pole systems featuring advanced water purification. Our van mounted systems exclusively use 100% pure water, demonstrating our commitment to environmental friendliness. We surpass expectations with trolley water fed pole systems, facilitating the cleaning of windows in confined areas.


APT Window Cleaning stands out as your top window cleaner in Kettering, employing the safest and most economical methods for windows up to 65 feet (6 stories). Water fed poles not only enhance safety but also expedite the process, minimizing disruptions. Our dedication to advanced technology ensures an eco friendly, top notch window cleaning experience at competitive rates in Kettering. As a top commercial window cleaner, APT Window Cleaning is poised to provide excellent service tailored to your requirements. Choose us for trouble free, outstanding window cleaning in Kettering!


Commercial Window Cleaning in Kettering

Choosing APT Window Cleaning for your commercial window cleaning needs means selecting a service that truly represents excellence. At APT Window Cleaning, we are dedicated to providing meticulous care for your windows, ensuring not only a thorough cleaning but also impeccable maintenance. In the delightful town of Kettering, picture a meticulous commercial window cleaning process that eliminates dirt, dust, grime  and any other debris, leaving your windows with a flawless, streak free finish. This commitment extends to both interior and exterior window surfaces, promising a clear view from every angle in Kettering. Armed with specialised tools, APT Window Cleaning have the capability to reach even the most challenging windows in Kettering. Whether employing traditional tools or advanced equipment like water fed poles, APT Window Cleaning ensures that every window, regardless of its location in Kettering, receives the cleaning it deserves.


Safety is our top priority, consistently adhering to stringent safety standards and implementing the necessary safety protocols. With an accident free track record, we are committed to maintaining this achievement by staying current with HSE guidance and continually refining our own processes. For your convenience in, APT Window Cleaning offers regular maintenance programs, allowing you to schedule routine commercial window cleaning at specified intervals. This proactive approach ensures that your windows in Kettering stay consistently clean, preventing the buildup of dirt and grime over time.


Environmental responsibility is also a key focus for us at APT Window Cleaning, utilising eco friendly cleaning solutions and methods to minimise our impact on the environment. Rest assured that APT Window Cleaning is fully insured, providing coverage for both you and us in the very unlikely event of accidents or damages during the cleaning process. Make APT your window cleaner in Kettering to benefit from a punctual and professional service.



If you would like to receive a site visit and a commercial window cleaning quotation please call or e-mail:

01442 253394   |   07808 658218

If you would like an estimate of price, please provide the address of your commercial property together with any photographs via e-mail. We will then inspect your commercial property online and via photographs to provide you with an approximation of how much your project would likely cost.

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